What is Squadra Nuvolari?

Pronounced (Skwäd-ra Nü-vo-lär-e). Squadra means “team” in Italian and Nuvolari comes from Tazio Nuvolari, a famous Italian racecar driver. 

Will my pattern be destroyed?

Generally, no. Most often it is returned in better condition than it was received. 

How good does my pattern have to be?

The more perfect, the better! However, Squadra Nuvolari can correct most cracks and imperfections through expert modeling. 

How many parts will soft composite tooling produce?

Approximately 20 - 40 parts. Then the tooling must be made again. 

What does class A finish mean?

Flawlessly shiny, like glass or a mirror. 

What is dimensionally accurate?

Most other molding or soft tooling processes produce parts that are actually smaller than the original pattern. Squadra Nuvolari provides parts that are the right size every time. 

What is deflection?

The point at which a cast polymer begins movement when exposed to a specific temperature. 

How many parts a day can a composite tool produce?

2 - 6 parts per day. 

What is ultra violet stable?

Polymer contains HALS (hindered amine light stabilizers). Parts start out water clear and do not yellow over time. 

How does Squadra Nuvolari color their lenses?

We use a reactant that bonds with the polymer on a molecular level. Color won’t fade over time. 

What is water clear?

Parts are clear, like water. No slight yellow or off color. 

Can Squadra Nuvolari produce lenses with more than one color?


Can my cast pieces receive secondary coatings?

Yes. (i.e. most paints, conductive coatings and vacuum metalizing) 

Can I polish my cast plastic?

Yes. Minor scratches can be polished out and the class A finish restored. 

Is high heat a problem with cast plastic pieces?

Not when polymers are formulated for a specific application. Squadra Nuvolari adds fillers when necessary to sustain higher deflection temperature ranges.