RTV molds of vintage car parts

Disegni e proto tipi dagli

Squadra Nuvolari

Breakthrough Automotive
Lighting Concept

The iris (plural :IRIDES) is a circular structure in the eye (or in this case an automotive light assembly), responsible for allowing a distinct styling "signature." "Eye color" is the color of the iris, which can be green, blue, or brown. In some cases it can be hazel (a combination of light brown, green and gold), grey, violet, or even pink. Note the colored lens it mirrors the appearance of a human eye. This is made possible by various light wave lengths which activate coatings applied to the lens surface. The bright fluorescing daytime running light is made with a unique proprietary polymer. This material can be formulated to allow the proper opacity eliminating a pixilated appearance. An added amber flame turn indicator function completes the signature IRIDES concept.


Squadra Nuvolari utilizes a proprietary plastic resin casting system. This provides the finest reproduction light lenses, plastic trim pieces and rapid prototype parts available. Using your original part as a pattern, a one-cavity composite tool is engineered. This composite tool or mold has many passageways to allow the polymer to completely fill. Once finished, the tool is ready to receive the correct color of polymer.

Our proprietary polymers and casting resins are two-part materials very sensitive to moisture. To avoid moisture contamination in the polymers, Squadra Nuvolari stores all materials in nitrogen charged containers. After the material is measured in gram weight, it is then mixed together by hand and placed in our vacuum chamber. The de-aired materials are poured directly into the awaiting tool then placed in the autoclave for baking.


The end result is a dimensionally accurate, UV stable, color-exact part.